Thursday, May 13, 2021

[keekxuxz] playing chess against god as a religious activity

consider incorporating playing against a chess endgame tablebase into religious ritual, a way for people to experience a simulation of the supernatural.  if god were seriously playing an endgame (not trolling), this is how god would play.  (inspired by endgame tablebases described as "play chess with God".)

what should be the setup?

computer wins a difficult-to-win position?  computer draws (defending forever) a difficult-to-defend position?

computer defending a losing position (difficult but possible for the human to win) has the problem that the most stubborn defense (e.g., DTC, DTM, DTZ) is not necessarily the defense that a human would have the most difficult time beating.

when the computer has several moves equally good, how should it choose?  perhaps allow the human to choose, or let an RNG explicitly labeled as non-divine choose for you.

let the human can take back moves, because the outcome is inevitable.

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