Monday, April 04, 2016

[qfstsdld] God plays you

A human plays a game of (say) chess against God, and God of course wins.  Surprisingly, when the game is analyzed later, God is discovered to have made weak, losing, moves.  The reason God can get away with it and still win is because of God's prescience or omniscience: God can foresee what mistakes the human is going to make.  (But God is not using omnipotence to directly force the human to make mistakes.)  God in fact was maximizing the number of weak moves played while still winning, seemingly making a mockery of the game.

God against a strong computer program would also be interesting.

Inspired by the comment from a top professional go 囲碁 player that he would need a 4 stone handicap to play against God.

What will the ultimate handicap be between the strongest human go 囲碁 player and the strongest computer program?  In contrast to chess, go 囲碁 is neat in that such a handicap is possible.

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