Friday, September 25, 2020

[citevhpr] abandoning sentence capitalization

this blog will gradually transition to abandoning capitalization at the beginning of sentences.  the reason is to avoid fighting with autocorrect on touchscreen keyboards: a word capitalized (at the beginning of a sentence) gets added to the dictionary in capitalized form, as if it were a proper noun.  when typing the word later, the capitalized form is then sometimes automatically preferred, even if now not the first word of a sentence.  also, it is annoying to have to adjust capitalization when adding words to or removing words from the beginning of a sentence.

proper nouns will remain capitalized: i helped my uncle Jack off a horse.

(challenge: craft a sentence which is ambiguous when following the standard conventions of sentence capitalization, but which becomes unambiguous if only proper nouns are capitalized.  it would be similar to the example above, but with the word jack as the first word of the sentence.)

when i can remember to do so, sentences will continue to be separated by two spaces to avoid ambiguity with abbreviations with periods (e.g., e.g.) in the middle of a sentence.   three spaces might be even better now that we no longer have the cue of capital letters to mark sentence boundaries.   however, i'm currently having to fight software insisting on encoding three spaces as  _  instead of   _ .

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