Sunday, May 16, 2021

[robpzofi] BOTW dungeons

subjective and very liberal definition of dungeon: localized, many parts, some combat involved.  we count the dungeons in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  1. divine beast
  2. divine beast
  3. divine beast
  4. divine beast
  5. Hyrule castle
  6. Yiga clan hideout
  7. labyrinth
  8. labyrinth
  9. labyrinth
  10. Eventide island (Korgu Chideh)
  11. Thyphlo ruins (Ketoh Wawai)
  12. three giant brothers (Tawa Jinn)
  13. stolen heirloom (Lakna Rokee)
  14. forgotten temple (Rona Kachta)
  15. great plateau
  16. Korok trials
  17. special delivery
  18. missing in action
  19. Robbie's research (Akkala ancient tech lab)
  20. hunt for the giant horse (Taobab grassland)
  21. Kaam Ya'tak - trial of power
  22. Shora Hah - blue flame
  23. Kah Okeo - wind guide

other large shrines?

many joke of Flowerblight Ganon (at Hila Rao shrine), but she's more of a superboss than a dungeon.


  1. trial of the sword: beginning trials
  2. trial of the sword: middle trials
  3. trial of the sword: final trials
  4. tamer's trial (one-hit obliterator)
  5. EX champion's song
  6. EX champion's song
  7. EX champion's song
  8. EX champion's song
  9. final trial (5th divine beast)

some long quests with many parts, aesthetically not quite dungeons, though some require combat:

  1. from the ground up
  2. the thunder helm (after Naboris)
  3. the weapon connoisseur
  4. riddles of Hyrule
  5. recital at Warbler's nest (Voo Lota)
  6. Koko cooking (4 side quests)

completionist rewards, similar to long quests:

  1. Hestu's gift (some say Hestu's gift is disappointing as a completion reward.  but it does allow dancing with Hestu any time you visit.)
  2. gift from the monks
  3. classified envelope
  4. Kilton medals of honor
  5. picture of the champions (DLC)

inspired by complaints of not enough dungeons in BOTW.  (they probably meant not enough good dungeons, subjective of course.)

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