Wednesday, May 05, 2021

[aokyfrwo] 3 terrible people

  1. a man sexually harasses a woman.
  2. the woman responds with kindness.
  3. a third person calls the woman a slut for doing so.

who has committed the most evil?

note: the argument why #2 might be considered evil, and why #3 might be justified so not evil, is that, in responding with kindness, the woman encourages and excuses the man for behaving that way, and the man thus enabled will go on to similarly harm others.

what is the best way to prevent badness?

understanding the mechanisms that cause #1 would be helpful, but it seems to be taboo.

disincentivizing kindness with punishment is sad, but (cynically) that seems to be where society is generally headed: normalizing cruelty.

inspired by an anecdote from a woman feeling safe at a venue because of the lack of the third type of person, not the lack of the first type, who were present.

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