Sunday, May 09, 2021

[kovojkhi] Leia's rise to power

whereas Luke Skywalker's Force-sensitivity manifested in brutalizing womp rats from his T-16, Leia subconsciously used her untrained abilities on a planetary scale to become Senator of her homeworld at an outrageously young age (19) without anyone objecting or noticing it out of the ordinary.  impressive.

the Force can have strong influence on the weak-minded.

note that Alderaan was Leia's adopted homeworld.  any "birthers" demanding proof of Leia's Alderaanite birth or parentage were influenced to think otherwise.

Palpatine may have used similar mind tricks to get elected to the Galactic Senate (and beyond), but he was not so bold, waiting until he at least looked old enough to be a Senator.  perhaps the Sith recognized the handiwork of political mind control in action having done it themselves, leading them to suspect that Leia was a rebel leader.

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