Tuesday, June 06, 2017

[rxcyhpea] Clock waves in CA

Typically in cellular automata, the clock ticks simultaneously for every cell across the universe.  This is probably difficult to build for real (at high clock frequency) because of clock skew (though we might be saved by the high degree of regularity of the grid of cells).

Consider a CA in which a clock tick is simultaneous only across a column of cells.  Neighboring cells to the left and right are ahead or behind in time.  More generally, don't fight clock skew: make it the programmer's problem (realistically, the compiler's problem).  Can Turing-complete structures still be built?

Not sure if this avoids the engineering difficulties of clock skew: different columns must be remain precisely spaced in time.

Maybe asynchronous digital logic is what we actually want, and maybe cellular automata on top of that.

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