Wednesday, April 26, 2017

[ylikmliz] Sun script

Consider a shape resembling the kanji character for sun 日 but with X's in the upper and lower rectangles.  The X's contribute 4 strokes total, and the the four sides are another 4 strokes (not the traditional convention in which the 4 sides are drawn with 3 strokes).  The middle bar adds a 9th stroke.

This also resembles a seven-segment display (with X's) except that the vertical sides are one continuous segment instead of broken into two.

Let the presence of absence of each of the 8 strokes that are not the middle bar encode 8 bits or one byte.  The middle bar is mostly optional, only necessary when the character might be confusing without it, most notably for encoding zero, which has no other strokes so would otherwise be a blank space.

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