Wednesday, April 26, 2017

[qhxrhaqe] Attempting to destroy the One Ring

Frodo delivers the One Ring to Rivendell, and before the Council meets to go send the Fellowship into Mordor to destroy the ring, the elves try their hardest to try to destroy the ring on their own (but fail).  Depict with special effects the ring resisting all realistic and elven-magical attempts to destroy it.  Celebrimbor is dead, but perhaps they preserved his knowledge of ring-smithing, but even that was useless.

What are the mundane things the elves tried, modern and realistic future muggle technologies?  Acid, heat (yes the elves have a particle accelerator), water-jet cutter, tension and pressure, explosives (yes the elves have nuclear weapons).

(Perhaps juxtapose with how easy it was for Tom Bombadil to destroy it, or at least, make it disappear.)

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