Saturday, November 06, 2021

[wqqcymlp] maze of infinitesimal obstacles

navigate a circular craft through a 2D plane of point obstacles.

navigate a spherical craft through a 3D space crisscrossed by line obstacles.  inspired by laser nets, though a more entertaining UI might have no harm when touching an obstacle: your craft swings around the line (if possible) like a monkey or pole dancer, or slides along it.  details remain to be worked out.

unlike a traditional maze of walls from first person perspective, one can see through or beyond obstacles (points and lines have no area) even if the craft cannot fit through them.  to be able to see the obstacles, lines need to have a little bit of thickness, similarly points.

it might be difficult to judge the distance to a line in 3D.  maybe shading or features, maybe binocular vision in VR.

maybe hints mark regions that the craft can never fit through: points or lines are too close.  this begins to resemble traditional mazes of walls and decreases the transparency mentioned earlier.

identify inaccessible regions and remove obstacles completely within them, because they are irrelevant.

more complicated: the obstacles move.  your craft can get crushed.

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