Monday, November 01, 2021

[gvwajntv] Anthropocene Park

the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park escape confinement, kill all humans, and establish a second great age of dinosaurs.

many years later, the dinosaurs have evolved intelligence (clever girl), grow humans in test tubes (their guess of what humans were like, biased toward what they find entertaining), and create a theme park housing them.  does history repeat itself, or do they avoid making the same mistake their creators made?

or, the exit sign to Jurassic Park says "welcome to Anthropocene Park".

or, we live in Anthropocene Park right now; we're to dumb to notice the walls.

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Anonymous said...

We stumbled upon this during an Earth Sciences Practical today after having a debate about microyears after we misread the units for million years. This lead to a spiral through your blog. Good stuff! We were vey entertained
--Cam Uni Earth Department second years 2021