Monday, November 01, 2021

[hmkscygr] the last great wizarding war

wizards are more powerful than muggles.  muggles of the 1990s had nuclear weapons, so the great wizarding war must have been fought with weapons even more powerful and terrifying.  therefore, the Harry Potter books must be an allegorical retelling of events, a sanitized narrative made safe for consumption by children.  describe what really happened.

"humanity was made extinct over 9000 times within the first moments of the wizarding war..."

(by "moments" we mean Planck time units, or smaller.  "over 9000" of course designates a number too large to express or comprehend.)

inspired by Dr. Who.

or, the horrors of wizarding war are too great for muggle minds to ever comprehend.  only slightly modify the books to add hints of Lovecraftian horrors that a censor is struggling to conceal (similar to SCP).

or, the weapons of the wizarding war bombed us all back to the stone age.  the age we live in now is that stone age, about which we've been magically mentally manipulated to believe is and has always been normal.  before the wizarding war, we were a K3 civilization or beyond.  tell the story of a post-war young wizard learning of this: he comes to terms with the horror of what was lost.

or, the wizarding war was actually a piddly conflict, because anything larger would have had much larger effects.  the narrative dresses it up to grandiosity for a reason, perhaps propaganda (history written by the victors), or a madman's delusions of grandeur.

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