Wednesday, August 18, 2021

[ssdnffyj] more chess triangle

incorporate the mechanism of rock-paper-scissors into a game of complete and perfect information.

chess variant: in addition to with movement capabilities, pieces also have a visible rock, paper, or scissors characteristic.  the characteristic limits captures.  a rock-type piece may capture scissors but not paper, etc.  perhaps also permit capture if both are the same type, because captures make the game exciting.  circularity of what can capture what prevents any characteristic from becoming considered superior above all the rest.

more complicated: each piece has energy levels of all three characteristics.  a battle between two pieces deterministically leaves one victorious but with energies depleted in some way according to the loser's energies.  circularity encourages balanced pieces.  details remain to be worked out, including how energy is replenished.  games like this likely already exist.

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