Monday, May 24, 2021

[lreeshai] letters on a 7 segment display

the following characters can be represented on a seven segment display.


32 characters.

previously on the missing letters.

i is not dotted. should it be left or right justified?

either lowercase L or uppercase i could be 1 but left justified.

e q y are taller than usual.  one could have P or p (not both) though the latter would be taller than usual.  similarly, one could have J or undotted tall j.

space, apostrophe (should it be left or right justified?), double quotes, hyphen, comma, equals, undotted question mark, underbar, at sign, close square bracket.  open square bracket collides with C.

4 possible single curly quotes.

degree symbol, turnstile symbol, undotted upside down question mark, mirror-imaged comma.

Greek capitals Ξ (Xi), Γ (Gamma), Π (Pi).  lowercase π (pi) collides with n.

not sure what this is useful for.

future post: all possible symbols on a 7-segment display.

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