Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[jvtbptiq] Letters on the seven segment display

The following letters cannot be easily represented on a seven-segment display:

k m s v w x z

If h is written lower case, then K could be written capital H.

M could be written as a capital pi.

S could be written like a 5, but lacking the top and or bottom horizontal bars.

V could sort of be done by a mirror-reversed 4.  Or, there are 3 ways to write the letter U, one full height, and subscripted and superscripted half height.  V could be one of them.

W could be written as two half-height U's stacked on top of each other, as in "double U", or substitute the capital Greek letter omega (which could clash with N or M as capital Pi).

X could be written by substituting the capital Greek letter xi.

Z could be written like 2, except omitting the upper or lower horizontal bars, similar to S.

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