Saturday, December 05, 2020

[tyutckvt] top entrance pyramid trap

a pyramid with entrance/exit only at the top seems like a good structure for an adventure.

the further you descend, the more space there is for interesting stuff, but the farther you are from escape or rescue if something bad should happen.  perhaps the pyramid protects something valuable on its bottom floor, surrounded around and above by lots of deadly booby traps.

could be a game or real life.  Egyptian pyramids are not constructed with entrances at their tip.

if game, then there needs to be a mechanic making escape or rescue difficult the farther you've ventured from the entrance.

IRL might have rainwater accumulating in and submerging the bottom floors.

inspired by the pyramidal Temple of the Ancients in Final Fantasy VII. incidentally, after the temple shrinks, it appears to leave what might be a pyramidal hole, suggesting that the shape of the entire temple was a half-buried octahedron.

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