Wednesday, September 16, 2020

[qsobzicn] Wearing a mask by example

If you are a media personality, consider wearing a COVID-19 mask any time people see you in media.  You are leading by example, the same thing you are normally doing as you try to influence trends in fashion, behavior, or thought.  The ultimate goal is to normalize masks, to get people to think it not weird to wear or be seen wearing a mask.

This includes situations when you are filming yourself alone, perhaps in your own home (inspired by Tiktok).

This includes situations like fiction, playing a character in a movie or TV show.

This includes situations like animation.

Masks could be added afterwards with CGI for footage already filmed.

From the point of view of a consumer of media: whether your role model is real or imaginary, hero, villain, or anti-hero, they all wear masks.

Will it work?  Perhaps entertainment can't change society.

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