Thursday, May 22, 2014

[vagazqtl] Strong copyright only for entertainment

Consider achieving copyright reform by weakening copyright except for entertainment, acceding to the entertainment industry.  The general idea is that popular entertainment feeds us only what we already want to see, so does not contribute new ideas, so first amendment concerns are less important.  Some "culture" will be stifled by strong copyright on entertainment, but let's make the huge assumption that promoting the progress -- change -- of that aspect of culture is not an important mission of government.

There remains the devilish detail of determining what is entertainment, or, what to do if a work could be partially considered entertainment.  Some rough ideas: entertainment is popular, and entertainment is consumed with no visible effects.  A derived work is a visible effect, but what if that gets consumed quietly?

Incidentally, at the far extreme, pornography would continue to enjoy strong copyright: it by legal definition has no "redeeming" qualities beyond entertainment.

The copyright reform would affect things that are not entertainment, for example, computer code, journalism, educational materials, and research papers.

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