Saturday, July 04, 2020

[wocnpmvw] Pilot wave theory versus the universe's random number generator

Critics of Bohmian mechanics criticize it for its additional complexity compared to the Copenhagen interpretation.  However, the Copenhagen interpretation requires the universe to have a (global) randomness generation mechanism to explain observations when the wave function collapses.  Those critics have probably never tried to design or implement a good random number generator or examine how complicated random number generation actually is.  For example, examine the source code to Mersenne Twister or a modern cryptographic cipher.  These examples are just our best human attempts at random number generation.  The universe's random number generator, which is conveniently omitted but is a necessary part of the Copenhagen interpretation, is believed to be much higher quality -- so likely much more complex -- than the best human-designed PRNGs.

Does this criticism of the Copenhagen interpretation assume we live in a simulation?

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