Tuesday, February 09, 2016

[xwbrbucv] Chess move kibitzing

A online presentation of a live, presumably important, chess game is accompanied with a chat window.  However, unlike a traditional chat window which permits arbitrary text (so often devolves into mudflinging offensiveness), this permits moves and continuations only.

The chat permits some competitiveness.  Moves that the players end up making (even if they are bad moves) are awarded points, with more points the earlier the correct prediction.  There is live computer analysis available also, with the computer presenting a Principal Value continuation.  Moves that improve that line are awarded points.  The computer listens in on the chat and incorporates the suggested lines into its analysis, using humans as part of its pruning function.

Original motivation was to decrease the abusiveness and inanity of kibitzing forums by only permitting a highly limited form of speech.

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