Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[bafuhwdu] Chess analysis prediction

We start with a live game.

Kibitzers, perhaps in an online forum, are given the moves as they happen, and asked to give their best response move.  Each response is timestamped.  Afterwards, the winner is the best kibitzer.

Instead of worrying about cheating with computers, we make this into a competition between man and computer.  In order to level the playing field, along with the moves of the live game, the kibitzers are simultaneously given the best move as calculated live by a very powerful computer.  You can only score a point if you choose a move that is different, and better than, the computer move.  It will probably be very rare to score a point.

A move is considered better only if, in subsequent post-game analysis, perhaps humans assisted with longer computer runs, we discover that the computer erred.  Thus the live game must be of sufficient interest that such analyses will be carried out.  It might be decades before the kibitzer's point totals are truly decided.  Some of the most interesting points will be scored in the opening.

Hopefully, with the timestamped predictions, a pattern of the better kibitzers can be discerned.

The live game serves as a font of positions which haven't been seen before (so generally no precalculating a move).

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