Thursday, February 04, 2016

[mvnxuxpw] G/150+2

Proposed chess time control: Game in 2.5 hours, with 2 second increment (or delay).  Primary motivation is for a game to be (almost) guaranteed to end by a certain time, roughly 5 hours, possibly to allow scheduling multiple games in a day.  60 move game ends in 5 hours and 4 minutes.  270 move game ends in 5 hours and 18 minutes.  Game devolves to blitz at the end, which is slightly different from the 30 second increment seen at other classical time controls, but not too different from the scrambles in time controls without increment (e.g., 40 moves in 2 hours).  2 second increment is inspired by the 3 minutes + 2 seconds time control seen in blitz, preventing (some) losses on time.

The 2.5 hours could of course easily be adjusted: 2 hours, 2 hours 28 minutes, 3, 3.5 hours.

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