Saturday, February 06, 2016

[hgpzhara] Pochmann stickers

The Pochmann sticker mod traditionally turns a Rubik's cube into a super cube.

One only needs to replace the center stickers with the center Pochmann stickers to get a supercube, because only the orientations of the centers distinguish a supercube from a regular cube.

Alternatively, replace only the edge and corner stickers, leaving the centers as solid color, to get a non-super cube, i.e., regular cube, that you can see around or over an edge without having to turn the cube.  This may be useful for easier solving.

Create a stickerless version of this cube with this feature of being able to see around an edge, because stickerless is awesome.  One idea that might work is for the faces to be partially transparent to be able to see the color through the transparent part facing you.  This is possible on the "white" (clear) face of a transparent stickerless cube, but not on any of the other faces, because the color mixing is too confusing.

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