Thursday, January 28, 2016

[avssqpbb] Deadpool: the movie

The audience watches a movie, perhaps the premiere to Deadpool, and a terrorist attack occurs in the theater, perhaps a mass shooting, bombing, or hostage taking.  However, no matter how hard the terrorists try -- even mass killing -- they cannot convince the audience that this isn't part of the show.  Even those who actually die announce as their last words, "Dying in an act of senseless brutal violence at a Deadpool showing?  This is so awesome!  This is totally the way I wanted to go."

Then, let this story of a terrorist attack at a movie theater actually be the plot to the Deadpool movie, so meta.  The anti-superhero surprisingly does not make an appearance, other than in the spirit of loving senseless violence exemplified in the audience.  Perhaps the character appears in the imaginations of the audience, as depicted in the movie.

Of course, the movie is making the political point that terrorists only win if people take them seriously.

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