Sunday, December 14, 2014

[fuarebxj] Everyone is a little bit racist, sometimes

The racist police are overseen by racist civilian governments which in a democracy have been elected by a racist populace.  Trace exactly how mechanisms of power and procedure cause the "just a little bit" of racism of the populace to result in widespread police brutality against African Americans as well as other similar injustices of the justice system, most notably the disproportionate number of minorities incarcerated.

Is it the racism of the 1% of the populace that causes these outcomes, or that of the 99%?  That is, if the 1% became not racist but the 99% continued to be so, would the world change?  Or, if the 1% remained racist but the 99% became not racist, would the world change?

If it is the fault of the 1%, how do they achieve racist policies and what do they achieve with their racism?  I speculate that they don't feel any race is inherently inferior to any other; rather, the 1% seek an orderly society, a maintenance of the status quo that helps them maintain their position in society.  Racism is merely a symptom, perhaps an illusion, toward that more fundamental goal.

On the other hand, if it is the fault of the 99%, then this is a very unusual case of democracy obeying the will of the mass of the people, a distributed action achieving a dramatic effect despite no central coordination, no charismatic leader, no vast political movement or organization explicitly working for the goal of oppressing African Americans.

Inspired by hypocrisy of protesting recent police brutality, assuming it is the fault of the 99%.  It is very easy to reveal most people's racist attitudes, and if the sum of those attitudes is the root cause of the brutality, then effort might be better spent changing oneself than protesting.

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