Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[hxksqcxc] Quadratic surface patches

Test 2D barcode readers (e.g., QR Code) by virtually printing them on small patches of 3D quadratic surfaces (e.g., ellipsoid), projecting them back to 2D, and scanning.  Inspired by a barcode printed on a bottle whose shape resembled a hyperboloid of one sheet.

We don't want too extreme warpage, e.g., the surface tangent to the line of sight or even flipped backwards.  What is a parametrization of quadratic surfaces that spans all possible "almost flat" patches?

Should the QR reader use detected position and alignment markers to interpolate a quadratic surface?

Analogous 1D version for regular bar codes?  (Conic sections)

Repeat for higher order surfaces?

Also perspective projection.

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