Saturday, September 11, 2010

[avmckwlg] Interactive amusement park

Too many amusement park rides are simply, get strapped in, get shaken around, done.

You don't ever grow as a person, DOING something you haven't done before.

There are two exceptions: bumper cars and teacups.

All the other attractions that you interact with, e.g., throw the ball, even eat the food, you have to pay extra for.

Consider an amusement park where the interactive activities are included in park admission, and moreover, are the main attractions of the park.  There are many possibilities for things to do that people normally wouldn't be able to do elsewhere.

"Today, at the amusement park, I danced the Lindy Hop, 3D printed a shape I designed, designed and watched my laser light show, played a chess master (and lost), played a poker master (and won one hand!), played pool against a billiards master (and lost), debated public policy with an economist, ate sushi for the first time, drew some fractals on a supercomputer, made contact with a pitch thrown by a minor-league baseball star, scored a penalty kick against a professional goalie, did a triple somersault belly flop into a bubbly diving pool, played a video game on a multi-million dollar arcade system (real-time IMAX resolution ray tracing and radiosity!), and wrote some music that was played by a real symphony orchestra!  It was a great day!"

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