Saturday, July 10, 2021

[lxuzrazh] sacrificial teleport

chess variant: add to king movement the ability to teleport to the location of any of the player's own pieces (including pawns).  however, teleporting exacts a heavy toll: the player's destination piece gets clobbered, removed from the board, as if captured by the opponent (important for variants like bughouse).

checkmate becomes more difficult (which is unfortunate for a game which already has a lot of draws) because the king has more escape options.  decisive games will probably often end hunting down a lone king.  motivation was to increase the occurrence of endgames; not sure if this counts.

smothered mates become very rare.

perhaps some interesting tactics become available using king's teleport ability to attack.

more variants: queen also can teleport (with the sacrifice).  all pieces other than pawn can also teleport (with the sacrifice).  the sacrificed destination piece cannot be a pawn.  this last variant preserves the occasional winnability of KNNKP (Troitsky line).

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