Thursday, December 24, 2020

[ndttnixa] COVID-19 population pyramid

COVID-19 has been disproportionately killing old people.  has it made a perceptible change in the shape of the population pyramid (bar graph of population by age and gender)?

predict the future shape of the pyramid assuming current death rates remain constant (not a realistic assumption).  probably need to break down current infections and deaths by age and gender (which is almost certainly being done).

more narrowly, consider the portion of the population at very high risk for death if infected by COVID-19, including people who have joined that group during the timeframe of the pandemic.  prior to the pandemic, that group was at steady state (or normal population growth).  has COVID-19 killed off a significant proportion of that group?  this was inspired by the late autumn surge in COVID-19 cases seeming to have far fewer deaths than in the spring.  is the virus running out of people to kill?

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