Saturday, September 12, 2020

[mypuvjif] Adding to BOTW 100%

The rules for the "100%" Zelda BOTW speedrun category permit skipping a lot of things, most notably the bulk of the interiors of shrines, and speedrunners, following the letter of the law, are of course skipping them as well as discovering more new legal skips.  However, doing such skips seems not in the spirit of 100%ing a game.  There should be an additional category which captures better the spirit of actually doing everything in the game, not just getting the achievements that say you did them.  Exploiting skips is fine for Any% and other goal-oriented speedrun categories, but 100% ought to require actually doing all the important things in the game.  (Separately, there could be a different category, perhaps Map%, whose sole goal is to make the map completion percentage read 100% by any means.)

Here are some ideas of other things to add.  (We might add to this list in the future.)

If a shrine exit is guarded by a door, the player must open that door before accessing the exit area.  The opening of a door triggers a brief cutscene and jingle.  Or, each shrine could have specified requirements, for example if there are multiple doors.  (Someone would have to go through and specify each shrine's requirements.  Verifying a speedrun would be tedious.)

All treasure chests in all shrines.  This can be (somewhat) easily verified with the treasure chest icon next to each shrine name on the map.

3 possibilities for even more treasure chests, more tedious to verify.  (Diminishing returns: in requiring that one do every important thing in the game, we are not sure where the threshold of "important" should be.)

  1. Treasure chests which unlock after defeating enemies.
  2. Treasure chests revealed by dogs (DOG%).
  3. All treasure chests except for the impossible or nearly impossible ones.

If including DLC Trial of the Sword, activate the exit portal in all rooms.  In general, no clipping to skip important things.

Top prize in all minigames.

Pray at all goddess statues.

Clear all enemies along the main castle road from front gate to Sanctum.  This needs to be specified more precisely.  With or without ancient arrows?

Obtain the set bonus of every armor which has a set bonus, i.e., upgrade them twice.  Upgrade further?  (Once again, diminishing returns.)

(Lynels and guardians are tough enemies, signature enemies of the game, but for which Kilton does not give medals.  100% ought to require defeating a bunch of them.  The above two tasks require this to some extent.)

Shoot a blupee.

No buying additional pictures for the Hyrule Compendium from Symin, except for the pictures which have become impossible.  The point is to force interacting with all objects in the game.  I think that if an object becomes extinct (impossible to photograph, so buying its photograph is permitted), one must have already interacted with the object.  (Low level lynel gear is an exception, but the requirement to photograph savage lynel gear requires defeating the highest tier lynels, so we can dismiss the lower tier ones as not important.)

In general, no requirement should become impossible if you forget to do it earlier in the run.  (Though it might mess up your speedrun time if, for example, you have to wait for another blood moon.)

See the "new item" popup for all items possible to possess (again, excepting items which have become extinct).  This might be too tedious.

Make extinct everything that can be made extinct.  If doing all the other 100% tasks, this only requires emptying the two kite shield treasure chests.

Cook all recipes.  This might be too tedious.

Cook at all cooking pots.  This might be too tedious.

Cook under a blood moon at least once.

Cook (with) a fairy at least once.

Have rebuilt each Champion's weapon at least once.

Dye armor at least once.

Change horse styling or accessories at least once.

Ride every rideable animal.

Sleep in all luxury beds.  And also all free beds?

Recover hearts at a hot spring at least once.  All hot springs?

Visit every Kilton shop.

Discover all journals and books.  Read Paya's diary after it is complete.  Are there other books which change as the game progresses?  The Old Man's diary changes regarding spicy meat and seafood fry, but it may become impossible to effect the change if that unofficial side quest is not completed before paraglider.

The game gives various hints for accomplishing tasks.  Encounter all the major hints.  This needs to be enumerated.  Journals, Pikango, other NPCs?  What hints become impossible to get if you accomplish the task before trying to get the hint?  (Digression: what is an efficient route that encounters each hint before doing or completing it?)

Visit all towns both during the day and during the night to hear most of the songs on the soundtrack.

Listen to daytime Rito village song after completing Kass quests.

Listen to Kass's final song of the hero.

Use the Master Sword Beam at least once, inflicting damage.

DLC: display the Champions' picture in your house.

Counterpoint: the game has so much stuff in it in order to provide replay value.  Perhaps doing 100%, doing everything "right" (in one playthrough), is actually doing it wrong.

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