Saturday, August 22, 2020

[jexqvedt] Humanity survives the Snap

Thanos snaps and half of all intelligent life in the universe is eliminated.  Unlike in the movie, all of humanity is surprisingly spared, because humanity isn't intelligent life.

In order to have been eligible for The Snap, you need to be intelligent enough to be having a destructive effect on the universe as a whole.  Perhaps you've solved the Theory of Everything (or beyond) and are exploiting it as a power source or something, but in the process you are artificially hastening the end of the universe in some sort of tragedy of the cosmic commons.

(It didn't make sense for Thanos to eliminate half of all life, because, for example, eliminating half the bacteria might inconvenience them for just a few minutes until they repopulate.  Congrats, Thanos, you've extended the lifetime of the universe by a few minutes.)

Humanity surviving intact immediately begs the question of why we were drawn into the conflict in the first place when we had nothing at stake.  We were played.  What was actually going on?

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