Saturday, July 04, 2020

[wltktewp] Star Destroyer

Let a Star Destroyer in the Star Wars universe demonstrate a capability it has always had but which has not been seen on screen yet: it destroys a star, i.e., It Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

In contrast to destroying planets, stars are relatively easy to destroy because they are naturally already on edge of blowing themselves up.  Stars exist normally in a state in which gravity pushing inward balances the outward force of countless thermonuclear fusion explosions going on in their cores.  A Star Destroyer (somehow) merely upsets that balance, letting a star's own outward explosive forces win.  Maybe it briefly envelopes the star with the field of a gravity or anti-gravity generator, because those technologies have been seen to exist in the Star Wars universe.  Which field, applied how, would be most effective?  Is it better to implode the star first, like a supernova?

Previously, on using the Force to do the much more difficult task of blowing up black holes.

With destroying stars being relatively easy and having many ships that can do it, the Death Star's purpose for the Empire in destroying mere planets was either propaganda or because technologically advanced planets are not inconvenienced by their home star being extinguished.  Perhaps they aren't reliant on solar power (perhaps instead opting for strategically less vulnerable technologies like fossil fuels), and they have sturdy planetary shields capable of deflecting their home star having artificially been made to go supernova.  (How do you deflect the neutrinos?)

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