Saturday, June 06, 2020

[uqlckozo] Internet-connected sticker printer

The label maker, e.g., P-Touch, is a nifty device.  What if it were able to connect to the internet?

Download black-and-white graphics; print a sticker.

Print UUIDs, URLs.  These would have been tedious to manually type.  Print bar codes as stickers: hardlink, object hyperlink.

Easiest is a labelmaker that attaches to a computer as a printer.  This almost certainly already exists.  Can it use P-Touch cartridges?  Should it?  The ability to print labels (stickers) of arbitrary length is nice.

QR codes are the wrong aspect ratio, though Structured Append could link a bunch of small QR codes printed as a strip.  We need a reader that can decode Structured Append.

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