Monday, September 10, 2018

[eccfjwqz] Chess with warp travel

Simplest: two boards.  In one move a chess piece jumps ("warps") off its current board into subspace (hyperspace), in between boards.  In a later move, a piece in subspace can be dropped onto the other board like shogi ("dropping out of warp").  Warp travel is expensive, costing at least two moves during which your other pieces do nothing.

Goal is to create a game with a feeling of a sum of weakly interacting smaller games, e.g., battles, like go 囲碁.  Previously on creating that feeling with a larger board.

More complexity: rules regarding when you can warp, where you can drop, subspace is its own board on which pieces can move and interact, more boards corresponding to different squares in subspace.

Maybe you can only drop on to a square you control.  Eliminating the opponent's last piece on a board makes that board permanently yours.

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