Monday, July 02, 2018

[bscscrxl] Easy BOTW improvement ideas

Some ideas for "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" that would have required very little additional programming by Nintendo to implement:

  1. You can already replay most activities in the game as many times as you want: shrines, fighting enemies (because of the Blood Moon mechanic), including the final boss.  Extend repeatability to everything in the game: Ta'loh Naeg Teaching, Master Kohga, shrine and side quests (e.g., Naydra malice), Divine Beasts, Korok puzzles (but you don't reget the special rewards).  This allows the fun of easily trying different approaches to the same task, perhaps with abilities gained much later in the game.
  2. Some way of changing the weather.  Exploration is the heart of the game, but some things can't be explored in certain weather.  This could be implemented as a more efficient "sleep until".  It's OK if this and other abilities below only become unlocked late in the game, perhaps after completing a lot.
  3. Scroll through your Hyrule Compendium, and it highlights all the items within range of the Sheikah sensor.  This is so much more efficient than selecting and targeting each one.
  4. More map stamps, beyond 100.
  5. Map automatically marks treasure chests you've discovered but not looted (probably because inventory full).
  6. More camera photo storage space.
  7. Camera photos store location.
  8. Get coordinates of your location, including elevation.  Maybe you have to learn to read Sheikah script.
  9. Sheikah sensor detects goddess statues.
  10. Sheikah sensor detects drops of enemies, for times when they roll away or get lost in tall grass.  (So all materials need compendium entries.)
  11. You can buy the name, stats, and sensing ability of items in the Hyrule Compendium from Symin, but taking a picture remains your responsibility.  This leaves a challenge to 100%ing the game.  We would need a mechanism to redo battles against the blights (#1), in case you forgot to take a picture the first time.
  12. Further bomb power upgrades, to keep pace with the increasing HP of enemies.
  13. Further upgrades to Stasis, increasing its time length.
  14. Some way to increase your throwing strength / range.
  15. More display cases at your house.  This allows challenging yourself by going on quests armed with very little, then coming back for all your stuff.
  16. A bow that always slows down time.  You don't have to be in mid-air.
  17. Some official way to fly.  The game engine can handle it, as demonstrated with stacked mine carts by Mety333.  One way is for Revali's Gale to be able to be reused while still in mid-air (combined with the fast recharge of Revali's Gale Plus).
  18. Some way to decrease the automatic enemy strength (color) upgrades.  Although yes you've become stronger, it is annoying to have to fight the powerful ones all the time when you'd rather be exploring.  Easiest might be, enemy strength is scaled to the number of heart containers you have, which can be decreased at the Horned Statue.
  19. Trigger a blood moon.  (Only after the "Under a Red Moon" shrine quest, to keep it from becoming too easy.)
  20. Trigger a full recharge of a partially used champion's ability.
  21. Read the durability remaining on a weapon.
  22. More weapons stash space, using up all the Korok seeds.
  23. Some way of exchanging one type of stash space for another, in the style of the Horned Statue.  Maybe it's a use for Hestu's gift.
  24. No limit in how many hearts or stamina you have, other than the total number of shrines.  No constraints on allocating spirit orbs to hearts or stamina.
  25. All weapons respawn in the overworld (correcting oversights of Kite Shield, Forest Dweller's Sword, maybe some Lynel gear).
  26. Award for discovering all treasures, for the 100% completionists.  I think the reason this doesn't exist is because there are a few glitched treasures which are impossible.
  27. Achievement awards for killing 10 of an enemy type, similar to medals of honor.  The system is already tracking whether you've killed at least 10 for each enemy type, because that is used in the calculation of enemy scaling.  After 10, further kills of that enemy type do not contribute to enemies leveling up.
  28. Achievement award for cooking all recipes.
  29. Some special recipes sell for an unusually high price.
  30. Some way of recording recipes you've discovered and like.
  31. Achievement award for encountering all items.  The game already keeps track of whether you've already encountered an item, popping up a description only on your first encounter.
  32. It takes less meat than fruit or vegetables to befriend a dog.
  33. All dogs befriended award.
  34. A dog at your house.  (Satisfied in spirit by Wolf Link amiibo.)
  35. An alternative to the Champion's Tunic for getting enemy health, maybe an elixir.
  36. Shortcut for donning an entire armor set.
  37. An additional set bonus for upgrading armor a 4th time.
  38. More armor sets which attack-boost specific weapon categories, similar to Ancient set and Radiant set.  There are many themes of weapons (e.g., Gerudo weapons).
  39. Spacing the hearts in groups of 5, so you can easily count how many you have.  This mirrors the Stamina Wheel which is also in units of 5.
  40. Have the Of The Wild set bonus Master Sword Beam Up increase its range to something ludicrous, like Bow of Light / Twilight Bow.  120 shrines was a lot of work.
  41. Teleport to a random (already activated) fast-travel destination, for when you are uninspired where to explore (again) next.

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