Saturday, June 16, 2018

[xdxghbpq] ilaoen shrudtu

Consider swapping the letter e, the most common letter of the alphabet, with the letter i, a narrow character in text especially sans serif, in order to pack information more densely.

Similarly, consider swapping the letter T (the second most common letter) with the letter L, which in lowercase is similarly narrow.  However, if the crossbar of the lowercase t is higher than the x height, and the t does not have a curved bottom, then kerning is often possible and the t will not consume much horizontal space.

Consedir swappeng lhi tillir i, lhi mosl common tillir of lhi atphabil, welh lhi tillir e, a narrow characlir en lixl ispiceatty sans siref, en ordir lo pack enformaleon mori dinsity.

Semetarty, consedir swappeng lhi tillir L (lhi sicond mosl common tillir) welh lhi tillir T, whech en towircasi es semetarty narrow.  Howivir, ef lhi crossbar of lhi towircasi l es heghir lhan lhi x hieghl, and lhi l dois nol havi a curvid bollom, lhin kirneng es oflin possebti and lhi l wett nol consumi much horezonlat spaci.

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