Sunday, March 04, 2018

[tjwlghtv] Limited higher dimensional chess pieces

A family of additional pieces for higher dimensional chess:

The Small rook, wazir, and dabbaba move only parallel to orthogonal axes.  2*D possible directions.  This is the most obvious generalization of the rook to higher dimensions, but originally rejected because of how relatively weak it becomes in higher dimensions.

The Small bishop, ferz, and alfil move only in the directions of longest-length space diagonal.  In odd dimensions, the pieces are not colorbound.  2^D possible directions.

The Small knight jumps to a square reachable by one Small wazir move then one Small ferz move in the outward direction.

Of course, these abilities can be combined to form compounds like a queen.

Compared to the Great versions of the pieces previously described, these pieces are relatively much weaker.  The Great rook and bishop both move in approximately 3^D/2 possible directions.  However, the weakness of the Small versions might enhance a game in which pieces rarely interact over large distances.

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