Thursday, March 29, 2018

[teictrfe] VR on an office chair

Consider a virtual reality system in which your swivel chair simulates a vehicle, the direction your vehicle is pointing.  This is independent of which way your head is pointing.  The view you see in VR is the sum of orientations of your vehicle and your head.

Rotations around the vertical axis (yaw) of your vehicle are done by physically turning your chair.  This will require somehow tracking or sensing the rotation angle of the chair.  Other orientation changes (pitch, roll) of your vehicle are done with a hand controller, as are translation movements.

If the game has a horizon or a zenith-nadir axis, it probably makes sense to have those rotations always be around that absolute axis rather than the vertical axis relative the user's current orientation.  But this might be confusing if the user is upside down.  Gimbal lock might occur.

If you push the button to go "forward", you virtually go in the direction your chair (your vehicle) is facing.  You can look sideways while moving forward.

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