Tuesday, February 06, 2018

[xfbvnjxv] Astroturfing further from the center

Organize a political movement that deceptively suggests to right-wing politicians that they should move even further to the right.  This would put right-wing politicians in a quandary with both outcomes beneficial to the left:

They can heed the mostly fictitious ultra-right, moving their platform further right.  This will erode their support from real people in the center right, which they will pay for in the next election (assuming they don't destroy the country before the next election).

Or, they can regard with suspicion any seemingly far-right grassroots support, which will also cause them to ignore some actual far-right grassroots support.  This will cause the politician to move toward the center.

Are the politicians fooling the people or are the people fooling the politicians?  Tricky is if the movement to create a fictitious ultra-right involves manipulating actual suggestible people join and support the ultra-right.

Of course, this could also be done in the opposite political direction, though the right wing currently seems more vulnerable to such tactics.

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