Saturday, February 17, 2018

[jxbgqbof] Boring football

Every possession begins on the 50.  Scoring is by total yardage.  A touchdown simply completes a 50-point score and ends possession.  Getting tackled behind the line of scrimmage loses points.

No field goals, no punts, no kickoffs: essentially we've just eliminated kicking, anything having to do with a foot contacting a ball in football.  On fourth down you always go for it.

Turnovers end possession, and then the opposing team begins on the 50.  If there was yardage loss on the turnover, then the loss is subtracted, similar to a play ending behind the line of scrimmage.  A safety is a turnover (which must have been preceded by a 50 yard loss that possession).  Turnovers can be costly: lose up to 50 points on your possession then immediately give your opponent the opportunity to gain 50 more.

Like in regular football, the following can all be easily adjusted: field length (currently 100 yards), number of downs (currently 4), first-down distance (currently 10 yards).

A 20-yard field might be interesting: all red-zone, all the time.  Every possession begins 1st and goal at the 10, and every possession lasts at most 4 downs.  One cannot earn additional 1st downs.  Even more extreme: 2-yard field.

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