Tuesday, February 06, 2018

[dyvqyimt] What men want

Both as a literary trope and probably also in the real world, a mentor, perhaps a bitter feminist, advises a naive girl that men are pigs and are interested in only one thing: to have sex with her.

Rarely (at least when following the trope) does the girl then respond with the critical question, "Why?"

That is, "Why does the act of having sex with me dwarf in pleasure and satisfaction all the other ways I can improve, entertain, or be useful in the life of a boy or man?  What is going on inside the his mind that having sex with me has so much value to him compared to everything else?  How did he come to have and to keep maintaining such a system of values?"

In the real world (as opposed to literature) do girls ask those questions?  If not, why not?  (That was a meta question.)  Do you assume you already know the answers?  (If so, what are the assumed answers?  Are your answers accurate?)  Do you not care what the answers are?  In the context of a social class boundary between the girl and the pig-like lower class men, no, she does not care to know more about those below her.

They might be uncomfortable questions to answer.

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