Monday, December 18, 2017

[ukpvmvkc] Computer in round robin aiming to finish in the middle

Play a round-robin chess tournament which includes some humans and some computers.  The goal of the humans is to win as many games as possible, as usual.  The goal of the computers is to finish exactly in the middle of the rankings.  Furthermore, not only should the computers finish in the middle of the rankings, it should have beaten those who finished with worse records and lost to those who finished with better records.  Details remain on exactly how to set up the prize structure for proper incentives.

The goal is for computers to be able to accurately play like a mid-level human.

All the computer versus human games could be played first to avoid the computer from somehow throwing its games based on where it is thus far in the crosstable.  Computer programs and computers can be replicated, so all the human versus computer games could also be played simultaneously, for one program.

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