Sunday, December 10, 2017

[akdfqika] Tilt

Competitive poker has identified and named a phenomenon when people act verifiably irrationally: tilt.

How much does the phenomenon generalize beyond poker?  Do we need to investigate and understand it more than the poker subcommunity has already understood it?  The poker subcommunity does not publish in psychology journals.  There are some incentives for the poker subcommunity not to publish at all (to get an edge over opponents), but there is quite a bit of demand for training to get good at poker, which must include understanding tilt, so information about it might be being disseminated.

Among competitive games, does poker punish irrational behavior especially severely, leading to the recognition and study of the phenomenon there?  Maybe also blitz chess.

Motivation is, are people's terrible behavior rational?  Previously (1) and (2), assuming yes.  However, some instances of bullying might be explainable as tilt.  The design of policies attempting to curb terrible behavior depend critically on the answer to this question.

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