Friday, November 10, 2017

[zvfsnjgi] Displays all around

Have a bunch of TVs on the walls of a room show the same object or scene but filmed from different angles.

Two possible ways the cameras and TVs could match up:

TVs go where the cameras were.  Best if the recorded video is mirror reversed.  The TVs are like mirrors showing the viewer the scene behind them.

TVs go on the opposite side of the cameras.  The image is a projection, as if the camera emitted light and one is viewing the shadow.

The orientation difference is 180 degrees, which is irrelevant because the cameras aren't there any more.  The actual only difference is the mirror reversal.

Small technical challenge of getting the multiple displays to play videos in sync.  All displays connected to one computer is straightforward but requires a fancy computer.  Multiple computers synchronized in time (e.g. NTP) requires video playback not lag due to system processes.  Previously, same problem for music playback.

Inspired by a sports bar, with lots of TVs.

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