Friday, November 10, 2017

[vnxqazhy] Casanova

Tell a story of a Casanova-type character who seduces a great many women (though this story can easily be told gender-swapped or other sexual orientations).  However, the different women want greatly different things in a man (hinting at realism).  So the Casanova has great skill -- probably superhuman skills only possible in fiction -- to be appealing to the great many women.  What "works" on one woman might be utterly abhorrent to another.  The Casanova must be a chameleon, able to convincingly don vastly different roles and personalities.

In contrast, a typical Casanova story builds on the premise that all the women want the same kind of man, the type of man embodied by Casanova.  This ends up being a highly unrealistic portrayal of women.

Inspired by James Bond.  His profession requires seducing women.  What if the different women he encountered differed greatly between them instead of all being the same Bond-girl type?  Particularly striking might be, some women want a meek man, so Bond must act very differently from his established all-powerful character.  Bond must act.  The portraying actor must doubly act.

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