Friday, November 10, 2017

[agskecwb] Sexy clothing in public

A person, stereotypically a woman, wears sexy clothing in public and garners attention, some from desirable people and some undesirable people.  Dealing with the unwanted attention requires mental fortitude.  Therefore, wearing the sexy clothing in public serves as a game-theoretic signaling mechanism of having that mental fortitude: those without it are less likely to wear such clothing.

This is analogous to a person, stereotypically a man, wearing clothing that showcases large muscles.  Such a display signals physical fortitude.

Mental fortitude (like physical fortitude) is of course a highly desirable quality in a mate, so it makes sense that people will signal it during courtship.  Mental fortitude is identical to self-qi.

How correct is this model?  How much does it explain why people wear sexy clothing?

Other reasons why someone might wear sexy clothing are identity and peer pressure.

Another reason why someone might judge sexy clothing as attractive is, some sexy clothing is delicate, so expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain.  Possessing such clothing signals wealth, another very important aspect of courtship.

What other mechanisms signaling mental fortitude, high self-qi, are occurring in courtship?  Assuming social movements and measures to decrease catcalling and other unwanted attention become effective, this will decrease the effectiveness of sexy clothing as a signaling mechanism, so other methods will have to take its place.

The "public" in "sexy clothing in public" might be complicated: the audience may have already been pre-selected against the undesirable people, those who would give unwanted attention.  Or, there may be social mechanisms in place so that those who give unwanted attention do not have access to the person wearing the sexy clothing, even if they see it.

Inspired by, the psychological effect of seeing sexy clothing in public is different from seeing it in private.

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