Tuesday, September 26, 2017

[snmhvicc] Donating to government hurricane relief

In searching for a good charity to donate to, consider donating to the U.S. government: https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/fsfaq/faq_gifts_to_govt.htm

"No," you say: "I want to donate it to a specific effort or incident, for example hurricane relief.  It's my money and I want to control where it goes.  I don't want the government deciding where my money goes; they'll do it wrong."

"No," you say: "Private entities are more efficient and effective at distributing relief."

"No," you say: "I can't put my finger on exactly why, but the idea is inherently distasteful."

Of course, these arguments exactly mirror arguments that small-government conservatives make against welfare programs of the government in general.  When are such arguments valid?  When not?  Is it simply mundanely political: "I support big government when government supports me and Us, small government when the government supports Not One Of Us"?

Inspired by people looking for charities to support hurricane relief that are not the American Red Cross, because that charity is reportedly inefficient.

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