Tuesday, September 26, 2017

[bqetbyhd] Fine-tuned advertising

Suppose you wish to create an advertisement targeted to one specific person, perhaps because technology has made such targeted advertising on a mass scale possible, or perhaps because the specific person is a high value target worth spending very large amounts of effort to try to influence.  How should the advertisement be?

Motivating example was fashion models: in the not-too-distant future, an advertiser will be able to virtually make a model look any way they want, e.g., size, shape, race.  What settings should be chosen to maximize the effectiveness of a fashion advertisement tailored (pun intended) to a given person, assuming the advertiser knows everything (thanks Google) about the targeted person?  I don't think the answer is to make the model look exactly like the target.  It might be to make the model look like who the target aspires to be or look like.  Who does the target aspire to be or look like?  Why?  The answers to these questions may reveal a totem pole of society.

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