Monday, July 24, 2017

[ranlmqxb] Cunningham project lines

Some Perl scripts to parse the base 2 tables of the Cunningham Project main tables file. emits lines in the following form which is suitable for organizing into approximately fixed-size records, perhaps physical cards.  Omitted are the largest factor and algebraic parts.

10 bit 641 divides 2 ^ 32 + 1

483 bit 24616019211889325200869055218181070587968640061220328510208043399177422314889351269580238737955397055519355385591659502001884424804253804809798519 divides 2 ^ 1109 - 1

Currently 7503 lines total, 2503 factors of 65 bits or larger.

The short Haskell program cunningham-cards-check.hs verifies that each line does divide evenly.

Previous work Cunningham tables, using some of these same scripts.

Previous thoughts on preservation of the Cunningham project results.  Further thoughts on formatting many variable length records.

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