Sunday, July 30, 2017

[maoqpjfl] Outsmarted by hunter-killer robots

Describe a vaguely realistic scenario in which robots defeat humans not through greater brute strength or numbers or persistence but through greater intelligence.  Difficulties:

Somehow those other advantages robots have must be made not to work.

A task requiring intelligence versus, say, arithmetic ability, though the difference gets murky.

It's hard to imagine a robot doing significantly better than a human, or perhaps even doing significantly better than random, for realistic tasks or contests which are games of hugely incomplete and imperfect information.  We could set up scenarios which aren't, maybe a chess game for the fate of each race, but they aren't realistic.

Maybe both sides are given identical resources and tasked to create a better product, maybe weapons to use against each other, though weapons for use against humans are very different from weapons against robots.

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